Our Team

Director & Executive support

Chief Executive
Bettina Korek

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive
Natalia Clark

Head of Strategic Projects and Development Operations
Mayumi Tomita

Internal Communications Manager
Bhushan Kumar

Artistic Director
Hans Ulrich Obrist

Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director
Rhiannon Stanford

Research and Communications Coordinator
Jamie Kodera

Director of Construction and Special Projects
Julie Burnell

Director of Strategic Operations and Finance
Max Glazer-Munck

Executive Assistant to the Director of Strategic Operations and Finance
Georgiana Hone


Director of Curatorial Affairs and Public Practice
Yesomi Umolu

Personal Assistant to Director of Curatorial Affairs & Public Practice
Rebecca Ribichini

Head of Production
Richard Install

Installation and Production Manager
Joel Bunn

Production Manager
Halime Özdemir

Assistant Production Manager
Zsuzsa Benke

Production Coordinator
Isobel Peyton-Jones

Gallery Manager
Mike Gaughan

Chief Curator
Lizzie Carey-Thomas

Curator, Exhibitions
Tamsin Hong

Curator, Live Programmes
Kostas Stasinopoulos

Curator, Education
Alex Thorp

Curator at Large
Claude Adjil

Curator at Large, Architecture and Site-Specific Projects
Natalia Grabowska

Associate Curator, Exhibitions
Chris Bayley

Associate Curator, Civic
Elizabeth Graham

Assistant Curator, Exhibitions
Alexa Chow

Assistant Curator, Exhibitions
Liz Stumpf

Assistant Curator, Education
Jemma Egan

Curatorial Assistant
Eva Speight

Head of Ecologies
Lucia Pietroiusti

Senior Editor and Curator of Editorial Projects
Hanna Girma

Arts Technologies

Head of Arts Technologies
Kay Watson

Arts Technologies Curator
Eva Jäger

Arts Technologies Commissions Curator
Tamar Clarke Brown

R&D Strategic Lead
Victoria Ivanova

Associate Producer
Ruth Waters

Audiences, Communications & Digital

Director of Audiences and Enterprise
Flora Kessler

Senior Data CRM Systems Manager
Romano Feliziani

Senior Marketing Manager
Freya Jewitt

Digital Marketing Assistant
Freya Doggett

Social Media Manager
Sophia Wee

Social Media Assistant
Shontai Barnett

Head of Communications
Nicolas Smirnoff

Email: [email protected]

Development, Events & Commerce

Director of Partnerships and Development (Interim)
Octavia Stead

Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager
Eleanor Price

Corporate Partnerships Manager
Helen Hutchinson

Head of Trusts, Foundations and Government
Michael Taylor

Trusts, Foundations and Government Manager
Eleanor Griffin

Head of Philanthropy
Elisa Bramati

Senior Philanthropy Manager
Léa Herbeth

Philanthropy Executive
Eleanor Digby

Patrons Manager
Elinor Lloyd

Council and Patrons Project Manager
Clemmie Langley

Patrons Executive
Lydia Dickens

Head of Patrons (Maternity Leave)
Antonia Grosse

Editions Sales Manager
Tanya Karina Pragnell Lopez: + (44) 7741885943

Limited Editions Assistant
Isobel Adderley

Head of Events
Freddie Huntington

Events Manager
Jess Peden

Events Manager
Esme Evan-Cook

RSVP: 020 7298 1503

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Finance & People Team

Head of Finance
Alina Cummins

Finance Business Partner
Fejiro Okorefe

Senior Finance Accountant
Ryan Fernandes

Finance Officer
Sabah Khan

Email: [email protected]

Head of People
Helen Gray

People Business Partner
Amanda Keane

People Business Partner
Georgina Vrynioti

People Business Partner (Maternity Leave)
Roshni Hirani

Email: [email protected]

Visitor Experience

Head of Visitor Experience
Claudia Iorio

Contact the Team
[email protected]
[email protected]


Michael R. Bloomberg, Chairman
Felicity Waley-Cohen, Co-Vice Chairman
Barry Townsley CBE, Co-Vice Chairman
Marcus Boyle, Treasurer
Andrew Cohen
Nicoletta Fiorucci Russo Off. OSI
Maja Hoffmann
Ruth Mackenzie CBE
Aditya Mittal
Robert Rosenkranz
Amanda Sharp OBE
Jonathan Wood
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
Lady Elena Foster

Ethics committee

Jonathan Wood, Chair
Marcus Boyle
Andrew Cohen
Amanda Sharp
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
Bettina Korek
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Max Glazer-Munck
Ruth Mackenzie CBE