On 25 November 2022, Serpentine’s Arts Technologies will release the third Future Art Ecosystems (FAE3) briefing to be presented as part of a sector convening event at Reference Point in London and streamed publicly via Serpentine’s Twitch platform (@SerpentineUK).

Future Art Ecosystems 3: Art x Decentralised Tech (FAE3) identifies new patterns for organisational and creative innovation within the broader space of decentralised technologies, variably dubbed as ‘Web3’, ‘crypto’ and ‘Dweb’. Through a series of interviews with specialists across art, decentralised technologies, innovation policy and civic, FAE3 formulates a series of prospective strategies for existing and new cultural organisations interested in Art and Advanced Technologies (AxAT) as well as the latter’s role in supporting resilient democratic societies.

Born out of a need to inform ecosystem design for art and advanced technologies (AxAT), Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) is an evolving resource for crystallising the dynamics and opportunities within emerging technology spaces for building 21st century public cultural infrastructure: systems required to produce, distribute and financially support AxAT practices that are responsive to the most urgent techno-social issues of our time.


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