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A group of four large wooden sculptures, loosely representing figures, face each other in a high-ceilinged white gallery space.

The Artist Who Brought Giants out of the Forest

When he met the giant wooden sculptures by Georg Baselitz – currently showing as part of the artist’s current solo exhibition at Serpentine – journalist Dr Ulrich Bruemmer was rem...

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A rehearsal for a concert, with three singers at microphones, a choir waiting behind them and a harp on the left

Inside RAFTS: Live

A selection of lyrics, reflections and behind-the-scenes imagery from RAFTS Live, the concert component of Rory Pilgrim Turner Prize-nominated project.

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Tarek Atoui and Lina Ghotmeh on Dawn Chorus

Tarek Atoui and Lina Ghotmeh on Dawn Chorus

Serpentine Pavilion 2023 architect Lina Ghotmeh and sound artist Tarek Atoui discuss spatiality, sensory listening, and the soundscape Atoui created for the Pavilion.

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Head and shoulders of Brontez Purnell, who is wearing glasses in the shower, with water running over him. His eyes are closed in abandon and his hand drags sensually across his face, parting his lips

The Queen in Trade: A Sex Column Not Yet Started

Writer, artist, and musician Brontez Purnell shares an unreleased sex column for Serpentine Podcast's Intimacies series.

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A city skyline is abstracted into geometric patterns in a kaleidoscope effect, all across a warm terracotta-coloured, dusty background

Rain in my hip

In this looping film work, artist and poet Rena Anakwe responds to ideas of weather, energy and interconnection within Tomás Saraceno’s exhibition, Web(s) of Life.  

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Seeping watercolour colours meet and mingle in shades of orange, pink and yellow. The word 'intimacies' in lower-case pink font is seen in the centre

Serpentine Podcast: Intimacies

A podcast series that explores the complexities of closeness, and asks how we can evolve our connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us.

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In response to Serpentine Pavilion 2023, chef and food activist Kamal Mouzawak shares reflections and perspectives on how tables sit at the heart of home, work and family.

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the two hands of a young child are folded out on a grey parquet floor, making a diamond shape with the thumbs. between them is a spindly spider which the child is playing with

Have you had a productive day?

A video work by artist and writer El Morgan explores vulnerability, interdependence and the messy crossings of human and animal bodies.

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