Karrabing Film Collective, The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland (still), 2018

Back to Earth: How do we get there?

How can art respond to the climate emergency? How can the Serpentine, in its 50th year, contribute to discourse around the climate crisis in a meaningful way?

Hosts Victoria Sin and Lucia Pietroiusti welcome you to a new season of Serpentine Podcast, back in the studio to reveal how a radical new programme for the Serpentine is being shaped.

  • Artistic director Hans Ulrich Obrist explains how his personal actions are inspired by artists.
  • Climate Justice campaigner Suzanne Dhaliwal describes a decolonised view of climate activism
  • London-based art duo Cooking Sections share a rich archive of environmental campaigns throughout history with contributions from students from the Royal College of Art’s School of Architecture.
  • Sound design by Brian Eno. Additional sound by Cooking Sections.

In the rest of the series, forthcoming every fortnight, Victoria, Lucia and a number of special hosts will present sound works and conversations with artists, scientists as well as partner organisations engaged with the environment. Listeners will gain an insight into some of the Back to Earth campaigns, including diaries from the artists and progress reports from the field. The series will also focus a number of special episodes on particular topics, from the question of environmental personhood in legal structures through to ecological design.



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