Photograph © 2010 Mark Blower

Interview with Cao Fei

“Now is the new time for humans to discover the universal again.”

In this film, Cao Fei and the Curator Joseph Constable reflect on the ways Cao Fei’s work examines what it means to be human in an increasingly online world and one that is in a constant state of flux.

In early March 2020 we made a film about Cao Fei’s Blueprints exhibition at the Serpentine. While coronavirus had begun to spread slowly around the world, no one could have predicted the current situation we find ourselves in today. Cao Fei’s exhibition has since closed temporarily but the themes which it explores feel more prescient than ever.

Cao Fei is a multi-media artist and filmmaker based in Beijing. Video, digital media, photography and objects all play a role in the artist’s engagement with an age of rapid technological development. This exhibition brings together new and existing works in an immersive, site-specific installation, expanding the themes of automation, virtuality and technology that Cao Fei continuously draws upon.


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