Image credit: Joy Yamusangie

On Practice: Listening

On Practice: Listening asks: How can listening form a space of political encounter? What is the difference between listening and hearing? How do other people hear?

This episode features artist Ain Bailey’s collaboration with Micro Rainbow alongside recordings from Pauline Oliveros’ tuning meditations, a sound piece from artist collective Ultra-red and a contribution from academic and sound practitioner Ximena Alarcón.

“There is the moment of free-ness in just being able to talk about it, their lives, without the trauma of like you know, their status, basically.” – Ain Bailey

In the spirit of On Practice, each episode is accompanied by an exercise to try at home. For this episode, we share Ear Piece, Copyright 2005 by Deep Listening Publications. Download the poster, designed by Joy Yamusangie, below.

About On Practice

Over the last year through the pandemic, we’ve seen more than ever how our individual actions impact others, how we’re all interdependent. This three-part podcast series explores the practices that can sustain us individually and collectively – Cooking, Listening and Walking – and how they can be used to bring people together to work towards change.

Hosts Amal Khalaf and Alex Thorp welcome artists, collaborators and friends to explore ideas and projects developed as part of Serpentine’s Education and Civic programme, which connect communities, artists and activists to generate responses to pressing social issues.

On Practice is produced by Reduced Listening.


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