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On Work: Dream Works

It’s not just Marcel Proust and Truman Capote who do their best work in bed anymore, now we all do! Beatriz Colomina engages in horizontal thinking and welcomes guests into her bed: Katharine Vega, Nina Power, and Matthew Fuller. Plus new temporal realities with Dr Helga Schmid, and a performance from Precious Okoyomon. Podcast produced in collaboration with Reduced Listening.

The 2018 Work Marathon saw artists, sociologists, anthropologists, writers, musicians, architects, scientists and philosophers address cultural, political, physical and environmental debates on the complex and timely question of work, labour, automation and leisure.

Building on the 2017’s GUEST, GHOST, HOST: MACHINE! Marathon, which focused on artificial consciousness and machine learning, the 2018 Work Marathon explores issues including: technological developments leading to automation and its impact on the labour market; the political urgencies of coerced and invisible labour; and the role of non-human agents, including artificial intelligence, animals and materials, in the context of planetary ecologies.

Hosts: Victoria Sin & Lucia Pietroiusti
Production: Jessie Lawson & Jack Howson for Reduced Listening
Sound Design: Dane Law
Mixing: Rob Winter


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