R&D Platform

The R&D Platform is a programme led by Serpentine Arts Technologies that supports interdisciplinary creative research and development, prototype projects, cultural policy and digital strategy. The R&D platform equips the art sector with new ways of working in an age of advanced technologies.

The R&D Platform advocates for Creative R&D in the arts and believes art and technology can drive innovation for the benefit of society. We bring together cultural organisations, artists, technologists, cultural workers, policy makers, and the wider art ecosystem in order to share knowledge, develop ideas and build tools and projects. We also support organisational change in the art and cultural sector in the wake of technological shifts.

New technologies continue to change the ways in which artists and cultural organisations work. Serpentine believes that art can change the ways in which these technologies are developed.

Research interests

We’re interested in exploring:

  • what the core values of cultural production will be in the decades to come
  • how the art world can form meaningful, long-term relationships with other fields like civic, technology or academia in order to trying to solve today’s toughest problems
  • how designing and nurturing new forms of cultural infrastructures to support the field can create a more resilient art world and drive societal impact
  • how art institutions can recognise and use their evolving capabilities in a changing landscape
  • what creative R&D can teach the cultural sector and other fields about innovation
  • how the art world can shape the development of future technologies

R&D Platform Projects

Future Art Ecosystems

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A purple, virtual landscape with mountains, rivers, and a eclipsing sun.

Creative AI Lab

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Still from ML/AI Interfaces Tutorial Series, 2020.

Blockchain Lab

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Against a grey background, subtle, brown, organic lines overlaid with an orange, cell-like square, and white lines and circles.

Synthetic Ecologies Lab

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Rendered ghost mantis.