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Tomás Saraceno In Collaboration: Web(s) of Life
1 June – 10 September 2023

This exhibition is responsive to the weather. On days of higher temperatures rather than using the climate control some areas of the exhibition may close. We will be posting live updates if the exhibition needs to close due to the temperature.

We are currently CLOSED.

“This exhibition is alive, it sleeps and breathes, overheats and quiets down, and asks us to follow…With energy scarce, the A/C will be off, the ability to swing with these rhythms is part of the performance! When heat waves descend, we might be closed as the galleries are uncomfortably hot.’’ Tomás Saraceno

Before you visit, please note your experience of this exhibition may vary based on:

  • Temperature and humidity at the time of your visit. The gallery’s climate control system has been switched off. Some doorways have been opened to encourage natural ventilation. You may find it uncomfortably warm in areas of the gallery. In times of extreme heat some areas of the gallery will be closed and you will be encouraged to engage with the multispecies sculptures that populate the exterior of the building and the park rather than enter certain rooms.
  • Sunlight at the time of your visit. Power for the artworks inside the gallery is generated by – and dependent upon – solar panels installed on the roof. You may find elements of the artworks on view are operating at a lower visual quality on days with less sunlight.
  • Energy generated by visitors to the gallery. You are invited to pedal bicycles positioned by the entrance of the gallery in order to activate an audio recording of the Manifesto for an Ecosocial Energy Transition from the Peoples of the South.
  • Other species invited to interact in the exhibition. Animals and insects will be encouraged to enter the gallery in certain areas. This includes welcoming dogs, birds and other species from the park into the West Gallery as well as works presented in the East Gallery which contain spiders/webs. Dogs are welcome into the West Gallery and the Pavilion but should be kept on a leash.
  • Usage of your mobile phone. Visitors are asked to voluntarily leave their mobile phones whilst visiting parts of the exhibition. In return, they will receive an artwork from the artist.

Please note there is no photography permitted inside the exhibition.



1 June – 10 September 2023 Free Entry

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