Online 11 Oct 2021 6:00 pm Free BSL Interpreted Closed Captions

How can an octopus, in an encounter with artificial intelligence, transform our understanding of technological development?

Join Serpentine Arts Technologies live via Serpentine’s Twitch (@serpentineuk) in conversation with Maggie Roberts of 0rphan Drift (0D). As she guides us through a meditative exercise, we will experience the ocean floor as an octopus would.

The live event will continue with an in-conversation between Roberts, Alasdair Milne (Creative AI Lab researcher) and Eva Jäger (Associate Curator of Arts Technologies at Serpentine) as they discuss 0rphan Drift’s latest project, ISCRI, an experiment in interspecies communication between an octopus and an AI, mediated by humans. ISCRI is a collaborative research initiative with technology/machine learning consultancy Etic Lab. Serpentine’s Creative AI Lab is a partner on the ISCRI project. To watch live visit @serpentineuk on Twitch at 6pm on 11 October or register here for a reminder email.

Read more about the project in this recently published essay.

About Maggie Roberts

​​Maggie Roberts co-founded the artistic collaboration 0rphan Drift in 1994, which explores the boundaries of machine and human vision and imagines nonhuman forms of perception and embodiment. Space is always made for the Unknown in the work. Roberts teaches in Critical Studies at CSM and is now a research artist with the AiD Lab – Artificial and Distributed Senses at the RCA, London. She has presented at numerous symposia and conferences internationally. Her work is increasingly underpinned by both 3D animation and interspecies communication telepathy techniques.

As part of the event we will screen Becoming Octopus Meditations by Maggie Roberts 2020; Megan Bagshaw, VFX supervision. Duncan Paterson, Visual coding. Jason Stapleton, Lidar Scan animation. Special thanks to Etic Lab for Cephalopod behaviour research and Anna Breytenbach for Interspecies communication. The Becoming Octopus Meditations were originally commissioned as part of THIS IS A NOTME, an online-only group show on Instagram at iMT Gallery and supported by the Arts Council of England.


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