Alison Wilding

Serpentine South Gallery 13 Apr — 12 May 1985 Free

The English sculptor Alison Wilding’s first one-person show in London since 1976.

This exhibition covered the previous 18 months of Wilding’s work. The works fell into two distinct groups: floor-based and wall-based.

Her wall pieces frequently subverted the viewers’ expectations as to what the normal fixtures and fittings of such surfaces (hooks, shelves, posters or paintings) should be. The wall pieces tended to be small and compact, for she regarded this surface as an opportunity to test ideas and experiment, often with a spirit of playfulness.

The floor sculptures generally involved much longer periods of working with laborious carving and fabricating techniques. Wilding capitalised on this slow gestation to condense and distil her imagery. Very often these works focused on issues of place, site, and territory by establishing boundaries, perimeters, enclaves and spheres of influence.

An accompanying publication included an essay by Lynne Cooke.



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