Art Into Landscape I

Serpentine South Gallery 21 Sep — 20 Oct 1974 Free

The Art Into Landscape exhibition resulted from a competition offering people the possibility of improving their surroundings by proposing ways in which under-used public spaces could be enlivened.

The idea for the Art Into Landscape initiative came from Hubert Dalwood, then chairman of the Serpentine Committee and a sculptor with a long-standing interest in improving urban and rural spaces with sculpture. Since its inception in 1974, the idea behind the Art Into Landscape competitions and exhibitions remained consistent: To offer people the possibility of improving their surroundings by proposing ways in which under-used public spaces could be enlivened to benefit the community.

The competition was open to professional designers and artists as well as to the general public – including children. Due to lack of funds, none of the proposals from this first edition were implemented, but it served as a starting point for what became a large-scale initiative that resulted in many realised projects later in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The selection panel comprised: Professor Peter Shepheard, Ian Nairn, Hubert Dalwood and Peter Moro.

The featured participants were:

Action Space, Mike Barrett, Peter Behan, Peter Bellchambers, Stanley Bonnar, Sue Braden, Keith Brown, R John Burrell, David Cashman, Lorna Cassidy, William Chatkin, Nigel Coates, Grant B Cooke, Covent Gardeners, Harold Cox, John EB Cox, Susan A Cox, Helen Frances Crane, John Csáky, Gillian Daniell, Michael Davies, Christopher Dean, John Dee, Michael Devenish, Susan Ditcham, Duchess of St Albans, Alun Evans, Roger Fagin, Peter Finnimore, Anne Foxon, F Jean Fraser, David Harding, RW Haswell, Jerry Hewitt, Grenville Horner, Maryla Jakubowski, Peter Jones, Simon Jones, Richard M Jowitt, Anish Kapoor, Deirdre Keetley, Kenneth Neill Kenmuir, Michael Kenny, David King, Stuart A. Knowles, DJ Lumb, Julia MacGregor, Peter Marks, Kasuyon Mikami, Donovan Ross Mincher, Valerie Nabarro, Martin Naylor, Slobodan Dan Paich, Doug Patterson, Josephine Pennington, GF Putwain, John Robins, George Rummel, Stephen Savory, Brian Shaffer, Will Smith, Society for Environmental Improvement, Paul A Stafford, Peter Charles Standon, TC Stewart, Graham Charles Rankin Stock, David Sturdy, Susan Tebby, David Thistlewood, Ken Turner, George Watkins, Gilbert John Watkinson, David Whitaker, Iain Boyd Whyte


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