Art Into Landscape II

Serpentine South Gallery 16 Jul — 14 Aug 1977 Free

As part of the Art Council’s contribution to the Silver Jubilee celebrations, a second Art into Landscape competition was staged.

The competition offered people the possibility of improving their surroundings by proposing ways in which under-used public spaces could be enlivened. 1,000 entries were received. Of these, 150 were put on show at the Serpentine Gallery.

Unlike the first Art into Landscape exhibition in 1974, entrants designed projects for one of 12 pre-selected sites chosen by the judges and offered by local authorities throughout Britain. Proposals were submitted and judged in four categories: professionals, the general public, children, and school groups.

The Arts Council approved nine grants, ranging from £1,800 to £8,800, to local authorities in nine of the different proposal sites that enabled them to carry out landscape improvement projects selected from those submitted for Art into Landscape II. Proposals including Tom Turner and Margaret Hogg’s grass weir, and Thomas Meddings’s Brobdingnagian knot garden were realised.

The exhibition was judged by: Mark Boyle, Lord Esher, Ian Nairn, David Rock, and Tony Southard. It was organised in collaboration with the Arts Council of Great Britain, RIBA, The Landscape Institute, and The Sunday Times.

Those participating were:

Roger Adams, Joan Aldous, Sue Bowness, Thomas Brent, Barry Briscoe, Ray Bryant, Elizabeth Bulkeley, RD Caddick, Mick Coleshaw, Simon Conolly, Adrian Corry, Christopher Cross, Oscar Crossly, John Csaky, John Doak, JC Doyle, Sarah Evans, Adam Finch, Peter Finnimore, David Foster, Jeremy Franks, Joan Garretty, Genevieve Glatt, David Graham, Trevor Grant, Tim Gwyther, Henry Hagger, Tom Heneghan, Dominic Hepher, Jacqueline Hurley, Edward Hutchinson, David Jones, Keith Langlois, Laurence Jackson School, Simon Laye, Vicki Mackenzie, Thomas Meddings, Henry Medwell, Mary Mitchell, Roger Morgan, Morley College, Paul Morris, Jim Musgrave, Malcolm Newton, Oakeley/Turner/Bate-Williams, Nicholas Rae, Jennifer Ramsay, Carl Rech, TJM Reynolds, Richard Sharland, ES Sinclair, Henry Skrzypecki, Carol Smith, Soraya Smithson, John Spargo, Spennymoor Reclamation, St Marylebone Grammar School, EA Stevens, Robert Stokes, Peter Vickers, Anthony Vogt, David Walker, Anthony Warren, Ivy Watts, Ian Boyd Whyte, Denis Wilkinson, Susanna Williams, Trevor Williamson, Graham Wilson, Roy Winter, Michael Wright, Terry Zayadi


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