Artist Worlds: UBS and Serpentine co-present a live conversation with Jakob Kudsk Steensen and Ben Vickers

Online 24 Feb 2021 5:00 pm Free

Join Ben Vickers, Senior Strategist at Large, in conversation with artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen to discuss simulating nature, immersive story-telling and multi-player game worlds.

This is an opportunity to learn more about immersive experiences, advanced technologies and the creative concepts that power new digital art works as we discuss the interfaces, tools and the resulting modes of production and collaboration that are made possible while exploring some of the simulated natural worlds that Steensen has developed in projects like Catharsis (2019-20), The Deep Listener (2019) and Reanimated (2018)

This talk will be followed on 16 March by a livestreamed multi-player immersive event with Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Rindon Johnson, Alenda Chang and Mikkel Rosengaard located in a new version of Steensen’s 2016 work Primal Tourism.

Jakob Kudsk Steensen brings together physical, virtual, real and imagined landscapes in mixed reality immersive installations. Using a site specific and slow media approach, he reimagines stories of overlooked ecosystems and forgotten natural histories. He is concerned with how imagination, technology and ecology intertwine, investigating how people relate to the natural world on an emotional level. His immersive installations pull the audience into a deeply sensorial and meditative journey. Steensen has been dubbed the “digital gardener. His work stems from the idea that that technology and nature are transforming exponentially faster than we can comprehend and it is vital now more than ever that we connect back to the pulses and energies of the earth, of geological timescales.

Ben Vickers is a curator, writer, publisher and technologist. He is Senior Strategist at Large with the Serpentine Galleries in London, co-founder of Ignota Books and an initiator of the open-source monastic order unMonastery. He serves on the boards and advisory panels for Light Art Space, Transmediale, Auto Italia, Furtherfield, Complex Earth, SXSW Arts Programme and the Warburg Institute in London.

Artist Worlds is curated and produced by Tamar Clarke-Brown and Arts Technologies
Additional Production by Alex Boyes
Virtual Event Production by Wouter Weynants
Network Programming by Sam Sewall
Livestream for both events by Proudfoot: Simon Richardson and Sonia Singh
Special Thanks to Elizabeth Kircher

Artist Worlds is an ongoing series of commissions and events that support artistic practices that engage with simulated realities, immersive story-telling and virtual world-building that invites audiences into these worlds to explore and offer insights into these advancing technologies and associated practices, processes and ideas.

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