8 Nov 2013 Free

A series of experiments, including short films, made by Ariel Torti while Adrián Villar Rojas and his team were in residence in a London studio for the making of the exhibition Today We Reboot The Planet.

During this time, Ariel Torti, a member of the team, made many experiments, including short films recording the presence and activities of the plants and animals that coexist with humans in the city of London. These documentations take the form of ‘webisodes’: those small parallel episodes, shown only on the internet, that expand on the narratives of a television series or film.

The Today We Reboot The Planet, webisodes are connected to the experiments that Torti had made at the brickworks outside of Rosario, Argentina, a radical, collaborative studio space at a traditional, functioning brickworks that Villar Rojas and his team worked at prior to the Serpentine exhibition. Once Torti arrived in London, Villar Rojas asked him to ‘perform’ in the role of the brickworks itself, exceeding his role as carpenter, welder and gardener, and transforming a site of art production and labour into a protagonist – one about which a webisode might be created.

Torti’s improvisation in the role of a place and not a person made the natural world an active character existing in parallel to the exhibition itself. Accompanying these short films are drawings made in the London studio, as well as photographs from Torti’s house, yet another site of experimentation.


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