Continuous Creation

Serpentine South Gallery 28 Feb — 29 Mar 1981 Free

Continuous Creation, an exhibition curated by Michael Compton, invited five artists to create four separate ‘environments’ in the Serpentine Gallery.

The invited artists each created an individual room producing four separate ‘environments’ in the Serpentine Gallery. One room was filled with Paul Thek’s Tower of Babel, while another room displayed Bruce Lacey and Jill Bruce’s piece representing the cycle of seasons in the English countryside. This work generated some mild controversy by including animal droppings.

In the exhibition catalogue, the curiously eclectic selection of participating artists were described as being linked through their tendency “to use and re-use objects and ideas, adding many and discarding some, always bringing them together in new combinations which give an accumulating meaning and power to what they do.”

The exhibition was curated by Michael Compton.



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