Serpentine South Gallery 20 Sep 2019 Free

Artist and musician 1010 Benja SL performed KINDLIG, a project with a mysterious musical composition, presented in collaboration with Young Turks.

Enigmatic singer-songwriter 1010 Benja SL performed KINDLIG a site-specific performance for the Serpentine Pavilion.

1010 Benja SL’s sound is both erudite and buggy, flickering wildly between neo-soul, boom bap, grime, garage and ambient collage, sometimes within the frame of a single song. In 2017 he debuted his single Boofiness and followed up with Wind Up Space, and in November 2018 he released his first wider body of work titled Two Houses. 1010 Benja SL’s extraordinary voice, songwriting capabilities and seemingly free-associative writing are paired with a unique production technique that mark him as one of the most exciting artists and musicians to discover.


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