Serpentine South Gallery 12 May 2016 Free

Are you hot-blooded about sexual consent? Quite concerned about the influence of pornography on perceptions of sex, gender, class and race? Frustrated by the lack of sex education in schools? Bedfellows want YOU to join us inside this mess.

Using pop imagery, pornography, music videos, drawings, art history, newspapers and contemporary artist videos, Bedfellows sought to flatten the hierarchy, mashing up highbrow and lowbrow to discuss current forms of sex education and imagine alternatives.

Bedfellows is a sex education research project led by artists Chloe Cooper, Phoebe Davies and Jenny Moore, and was born from the personal, the political and the professional investigating sex, sexual identity and feminist porn.

Cracks in the Curriculum aims to bring artists and educators together to discuss ways of bringing pressing social issues into the classroom.

The workshop was devised for anyone who works with children or young people and wants to join an active discussion about sex education in schools.


Bedfellows is a research project led by artists Chloe Cooper, Phoebe Davies and Jenny Moore. It’s about SEX. Sex when you’re walking down the street, sex in school, sex when you’re shopping, sex on smart phone screens, sex in galleries, sex when you’re having dinner with your friends, sex in museums, sex when you’re skyping your mum.

Bedfellows is exploring the affective crossovers between art and pornography and asks whether, as artists trained in visual literacy, we might be able to deconstruct the dominant tropes of the image-heavy sexual landscape we are in. It’s happening all the time but it manifested itself most recently at SEX TALK MTG, Assembly, Portland USA and Reactor Halls E15: You can’t win them all, ladies & gentlemen, Primary, Nottingham, UK.


Curated by:

Alex Thorp, Curator, Education

Ben Messih, Assistant Curator, Education


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