Serpentine Pavilion Saturday 3 September 2022, 2pm Free
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Artists Phoebe Collings-James, Freya Bramble-Carter and South London-based community pottery studio Mud Gang Pottery C.I.C will offer an engaging clay workshop to guide you through hand building techniques, in order to connect with the theme of devotional objects.

Using clay as both compound and catalyst, the session invites you to make with clay: what are your objects of devotion and why?

Responding to Gates’ primary medium as a ceramist and philosophy that ‘it’s not really about the material, it is about our capacity to shape things’, the afternoon is open to all ages and abilities with clay and tools provided for you to experiment. Family and children friendly.

Freya Bramble-Carter is an artist and teacher working with clay, based in London, creating work with a strong connection to the natural world. She has been working with clay since she was a child, firing pots in her father’s studio from a young age. Her father, Chris Bramble, has been a ceramics artist and teacher for over 30 years, and they now share a studio space in Kingsgate Workshops, London. Hand-sculpted figures are often assembled with thrown forms, both functional and non-functional, bringing together a cross-generation of contemporary references to ceramic sculpture and a love of traditional European and African craftsmanship.

Phoebe Collings-James’ work often eludes linear retellings of stories. Instead, their works function as “emotional detritus”: they speak of knowledges of feelings, the debris of violence, language and desire which are inherent to living and surviving within hostile environments. Recent works have been dealing with the object as subject, giving life and tension to ceramic forms. As young nettle, a musical alias, they love sound that totally envelopes them and is part of B.O.S.S., a QTIBIPOC sound system based in South London.

Mud Gang Pottery CIC is a non profit female-led ceramics studio based in central London. It is our mission to make clay activities inclusive and accessible to all. We believe in the power of clay and coming together to get creative, make memories and share meaningful experiences from which people from all walks of life can learn and enjoy.


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