Offsite 15 May 2018 Free

Taking its cue from Simone Browne’s Dark Matters, this workshop was concerned with understanding the ways in which individuals and communities are affected by daily narratives of dominance, oppression and racialised surveillance.

How do people resist and survive within oppressive societies through acts of solidarity? How do we make visible the unsung gendered labour of care within communities? How can the concept of sousveillance also become a resistant practice of seeing each other through a lens of care rather than oppression?

Together through a series of discussions and exercises led by Simone Browne, Sondra Perry and Mia Charlene White, the group shared how we challenge these repressions with counter-narratives and community action.

This workshop was free to attend but booking was required, and on this occasion people who identify as female, non-binary or trans POC were given priority places.


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