Equilibrium Webinars

A monthly webinar series hosted by the Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter in partnership with Serpentine, part of Back to Earth
Online Monthly, Tuesdays 29 March, 26 April, 20 May and 28 June, 2-3pm BST (UTC/GMT+1) Free


As part of Back to Earth, Serpentine partners with Global Systems Institute – home to the UK’s most influential climate scientists – for Equilibrium, a series of webinars at the intersections of climate science and climate justice.

From the climate investment trap to the trouble with Net Zero, insights from thinkers and policy-makers will shed light on leading efforts to work towards just and balanced futures in the face of ecological breakdown.

The series is part of an ongoing GSI programme, backed by Open Society Foundations, to address flaws in the dominant paradigm for climate action and establish new ones built on principles of racial equity and sustainability.

The first webinar will address dynamics of climate, cost and vulnerability in the context of COP27, to be held at Sharm El-Sheikh, in November 2022. UCL Economist, Nadia Ameli, will address flaws in the current model for climate investment. GSI Director, Tim Lenton, will report on future dynamics of climate, cost and vulnerability. Lead Climate Finance negotiator for Bangladesh, Mizan Khan, will speak to the urgency of new financial mechanisms that can address loss and damage as well as mitigation and adaptation.


Equilibrium Webinar #1 - Towards COP27 Addressing Climate Cost and Vulnerability
Equilibrium Webinar #4 - Perspectives on Reparation for Loss and Damage


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