Eureka! Artists from Australia

Serpentine South Gallery 13 Mar — 25 Apr 1982 Free

This exhibition of contemporary Australian art took place jointly at the Serpentine Gallery and the ICA.

This exhibition was the first major Australian art show since 1963. The exhibition title referred to the Eureka Stockade miners, who refused to pay licensing fees for excavating in 1854.

The Serpentine Gallery’s half of the show focused on photography, sculpture, and painting. Sue Grayson selected the artists for the Serpentine whilst in Australia.

Participating artists:

  • Serpentine Gallery: Micky Allan, Tom Arthur, Peter Booth, Paul Partos, Wesley Stacey, Imants Tillers
  • ICA: Vivienne Binns, Virginia Coventry, Peter Kennedy, John Lethbridge, Kevin Mortensen, Jim Orr, Mike Parr, Robert Randall, Frank Bendinelli, Toni Robertson

The accompanying publication featured contributions from Nick Waterlow, Nancy D. H. Underhill, Ian Burn, Paul Taylor, Sue Grayson, Sandy Nairne, and Ann Lewis.





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