Serpentine South Gallery 13–14 Oct 2007 Free

The previous year’s legendary, 24-hour Interview Marathon was expanded in scope.

The 24-hour Serpentine Gallery Experiment Marathon 2007, introduced by Julia Peyton-Jones and presented by Olafur Eliasson and Hans Ulrich Obrist, took place in the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2007 and featured experiments performed by leading artists, architects and scientists. The experiments explored ideas of time, space and of reality through models, vibrations and perception, investigating Eliasson’s assertion that ‘What we have in common is that we are different’.

Curated by
Olafur Eliasson

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Julia Peyton-Jones

Sally Tallant



12 noon: SESSION 1

Introduction by Julia Peyton-Jones, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Olafur Eliasson

Israel Rosenfield: Where do colours come from?

Angela Sirigu: How the brain thinks about movement

Olaf Blanke: Leaving the body behind?

Beau Lotto: Sky in a bottle and white shadows

Luc Steels: Fluid Language Game Experiments with Autonomous Robots

Oscar Vilarroya: Both sides of fear. From aversion to pleasure

Paul Drew: Perceptions of…. relationships in interaction (How we are who we are to one another)

3.25 pm: SESSION 2

Marina Abramović: Cleaning the House

Spartacus Chetwynd: Geodesics – Where I Went Wrong

Simon Forti: Small Hand Dance. Score performed by Gill Clarke

Peter Cook

Pedro Reyes: Conditioned Tactile Interchange

Tomas Saraceno: Micro-scale, Macro-scale and Beyond: Large-scale Implications of Time-Scale Experiments

Tris Vonna Michell: The Trial: Act 7, 2007

Andreas Slominski

3.25 pm: SESSION 2

Gustav Metzger: Lecture/Demonstration

Kim Gordon, a score performed by Polly Brannan and Irene Revell

Simone Forti, a score performed by Cerith Wyn Evans

Marcus Coates: A Heligoland for Souls

Bridget Nicholls: Bat night light and flight exploration: an exploration into the way bats navigate their environment

Joseph Grigely: Longitudinal Study Addressing the Question of Whether or Not a Monkey Can Catch a Fish

Gloria Friedmann: Play Back of Eden

Fia Bäckstrom: To whom it may concern

Paul Fryer and Colin Dancer: Art and Science: A star in a jar

Olafur Eliasson: Co-Producer Experiment (Co = Colour)

Sophie Fiennes: Playing Panchette



John Brockman: Serpentine Gallery and EDGE project. ‘What is your formula? Your equation? Your algorithm?’

Seirian Sumner: A cooperative foraging experiment – lessons from ants

Timothy Taylor: The Tradescant’s Ark Experiment

Simon Baron-Cohen: Do women have better empathy than men?

Armand Leroi: The Song of Songs

Steve Jones: Some Like it Hot

Neil Turok: What Banged?

Lewis Wolpert: How Our Limbs are Patterned Like the French Flag

John Baldessari

Steven Pinker in conversation with Marcy Kahan

1.35 PM: SESSION 2

Introduction by Francesca von Habsburg

Matthew Ritchie, Neil Turock, Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch: The Morning Line

Roger Hiorns



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