Online 29 Jul 2021 6:00 pm Free BSL Interpreted Closed Captions

Join the Serpentine Arts Technologies team and our contributors to Future Art Ecosystems 2 as we discuss the metaverse and the opportunities and challenges facing artists, producers and cultural institutions within an increasingly virtual landscape.

Interested in real-time virtual live performance? How about spending time within digital worlds flying around with avatars? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to stage your own virtual live event in hopes of raising funds towards your own experimental musical physics game? Opportunities like these are accelerating via metaverse technologies including virtual reality, game engines, and motion-capture alike, and are part of shifts within creative experimentation and audience engagement that Future Art Ecosystems: Art x Metaverse (FAE2) explores.

Join artist and digital-performer of Team Rolfes, Sam Rolfes along with Serpentine Galleries Research & Development Platform Producer Alex Boyes as they discuss Rolfes’ practice, current production trends and how Rolfes is navigating increasingly online, persistent and spatial virtualised worlds.

About Sam Rolfes

Sam Rolfes is an artist and director at Team Rolfes who uses a variety of experimental technical workflows across visual art, performance, design and music. Rolfes has designed artwork and materials for numerous musicians, labels, zines and digital endeavours including commercial clients like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Danny Elfman and Lady Gaga.

About FAE2

The second issue of Future Art Ecosystems (FAE2) is produced by the Serpentine R&D Platform in collaboration with Rival Strategy and Guest Producer, Luke Caspar Pearson. It aims to provide analytical and conceptual tools and strategic guidance for the construction of 21st-century cultural infrastructure: systems that would support art and advanced technologies and be responsive to a broader social shift towards virtual experiences.

In the spirit of FAE, our Live Session conversations aim to draw attention and provide greater transparency to infrastructures and systems behind the work of artists and producers. They are also an opportunity to hear directly from FAE2’s contributors as it is their perspectives that form the basis for FAE’s primary research.


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