Gerhard Richter: STRIP-TOWER

Kensington Gardens Serpentine South Gallery 25 April - 20 October 2024 Free

A new large-scale public work at Serpentine South by Gerhard Richter.

STRIP-TOWER (2023) expands on Richter’s sixdecade exploration of painting, photography, digital reproduction and abstraction.

Richter began developing his series of Strip Paintings in 2010, inspired by an earlier ‘squeegee painting’ titled Abstract Painting 724-4 (1990). This painting was then photographed, scanned, digitally manipulated, and divided into two strips, then four, eight, sixteen and thirty-two. The vertical strips of the painting were stretched across horizontally and laminated onto aluminium and covered with Perspex. STRIP-TOWER employs a similar method, in which colourful striped ceramic tiles form a dense composition covering two perpendicular panels. The intersecting panels create a cross section that visitors can stand within.

STRIP-TOWER builds on Richter’s ongoing interest in the idea of reflections, systems and repetitions, which could be seen in 4900 Colours, exhibited at Serpentine in 2008. Comprised of bright monochrome squares randomly arranged in a grid formation, the works in 4900 Colours created stunning sheets of kaleidoscopic colour. STRIP-TOWER’s glossy tiles subtly mirror the viewer and the surroundings of the Royal Parks. This new commission is the latest in a long-standing series of significant public presentations in the Royal Parks since Serpentine’s foundation in 1970.


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