Serpentine South Gallery 30 Jun — 15 Aug 1993 Free

This exhibition offered a retrospective look at the work of the late American artist Gordon Matta-Clark.

Much of Matta-Clark’s work was, by its nature, temporary. The buildings he worked on were usually abandoned and due for demolition. What remained was documentary evidence, or a residue of an action or performance.

The exhibition, therefore, was largely one of fragments and traces: photographs of buildings long pulled down; entire walls, doorways and windows relocated in the gallery; sections of floor ripped from vacated slums in the Bronx; as well as the artist’s original photographs, photomontages, drawings and films. Photographs of Splitting from 1964 were presented in the South Gallery, as were three of the nine wall sections Matta-Clark removed from a house near Niagara Falls.


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