Hiroshi Sugimoto

Serpentine South Gallery 18 November 2003 — 18 January 2004 Free

This exhibition of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photographs focused on a survey of his series Seascapes, produced over the previous two decades, as well as the Pinetree Landscapes.

The seascapes, central to Sugimoto’s work since he began the series in 1980, were shot at remote locations around the world. The seascapes take the form of black-and-white photographs depicting the meeting of the sea and sky, referred to by the artist as ‘water’ and ‘air’ because they are among the oldest of Earth’s elements.

The exhibition also included the artist’s new works shown for the first time in the UK, including the significant piece North Pacific Ocean (2002) – seven joined large-scale photographs taken in Ohkurosaki, Japan. These meticulous works demonstrate the artist’s interest in the traditions of classical photography. Made with large-format film and taken with a wooden box camera, the photographs were developed with silver gelatin.


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