Serpentine South Gallery 1 October 1996 — 30 September 1997 Free

The Serpentine Gallery commissioned five artists to exhibit on the gallery’s lawn while renovations to the interior of the gallery were carried out.

The programme began with Rasheed Araeen’s imposing scaffolding-like installation, launched at the beginning of October 1996. It was followed soon after by artist Bill Culbert’s piece involving tip-trucks parked on the gallery lawn, loaded with an ethereal blue light. The trucks appeared as massive light-boxes and were placed at angles that could be seen from the road. A small-scale tree-themed installation by Richard Deacon came next in the spring of 1997, and was followed by another modest-scale but poignant work by Anya Gallaccio. Entitled Keep Off the Grass, Gallaccio’s project involved the nurturing of seeds planted in areas left from the preceding commissions on the lawn in order to restore the grass. The last project in the Inside Out series was Tadashi Kawamata’s large-scale construction using materials salvaged from the gallery’s renovation project.

1 October – 1 December 1996

Rasheed Araeen – To Whom it May Concern

16 December 1996 – 16 February 1997

Bill Culbert – Skylight II

6 March – 4 May 1997

Richard Deacon – One Two Tree

21 May – 22 June 1997

Anya Gallaccio – Keep Off the Grass

1 July – 7 September 1997

Tadashi Kawamata – Untitled



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