9 March 2020 — 9 March 4400 Free

The second exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery presented the work of four young British artists.

Staffordshire-born, Royal Academy Schools graduate, and founder member of Brotherhood of Ruralists, David Inshaw (b.1943) had just presented a solo exhibition at the Arnolfini in Bristol when he was invited to participate in this exhibition of four artists at the new Serpentine Gallery. The year 1970 was also the year that Inshaw sold his first painting – a work called Kiss Kiss Kiss

Barry Martin (b.1943) presented a kinetic work entitled Triple Movements, which he had produced in 1968, shortly after graduating from St Martin's. Made of aluminium, steel and wood accompanied by motors, electromagnets and other machinery, the work was devised to allow three suspended aluminium panels to 'spin, flap and tip'.



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