Online 27 February 2023, 9-10am Free Livestream: Closed Captions

What licensing challenges do NFTs pose for artists and cultural institutions? How are the technical and legal components of copyright licences evolving in Web3?

The ‘metaverse’ raises a number of legal issues concerning artists’ and cultural institutions’ intellectual property and moral rights. The Legal Lab Live series addresses these by convening conversations with thought leaders and practitioners who are building new systems and approaches to art, law and technology.

Join Serpentine’s Legal Lab Principal Investigator, Alana Kushnir, and legal scholar, internet activist and artist, Primavera de Filippi, for the third Legal Lab Live session as they explore the legal and technical uncertainties of licensing NFTs (non-fungible tokens). They will introduce the Token Bound Licence – a new copyright license developed by Primavera in collaboration with the Legal Lab, IC3 and the COALA NFT Taskforce — a community of researchers, technologists, artists and lawyers. This license is designed specifically for use with NFTs, allowing transfer of rights along with the transfer of the NFT.

This event will be streamed live on 27 February 09:00-10:00 London Time/10:00-11:00 Central European Time/20:00-21:00 Australian Eastern Time. Audience members will be able to ask questions throughout the conversation via our Twitch channel interface.

Important Information

The information and material provided as part of this event is of a general nature only and should not be considered legal or financial advice. If you are an artist or cultural organisation entering into the Metaverse and/or Web3 we recommend you obtain specific advice from a qualified professional who can take into account your circumstances and particular needs.

You will need to create a Twitch account to join the conversation in real-time and take part. This is free and instructions can be found here.


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