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Writer and filmmaker Ed Webb-Ingall has been working with parents and staff at the Portman Early Childhood Centre since January 2020, asking questions about home and housing.

The UK is experiencing a housing crisis, and entrenched issues such as overcrowding and insecure temporary accommodation have been exacerbated and made visible by the Covid-19 pandemic. Like Coming Home centres the lived and everyday experiences of people who feel the impacts of changes in housing policy and bureaucracy most acutely. It asks: who is the housing system benefitting, and who makes the rules and decisions about the way we live?

An ongoing partnership between Serpentine Education and the Portman Early Childhood Centre, Changing Play brings together artists, children, families and educators to critically reconsider early years education and care.

Ed Webb-Ingall is a filmmaker and researcher working with archival materials and methodologies drawn from community video. He collaborates with groups to explore under-represented historical moments and their relationship to contemporary life, developing modes of self-representation specific to the subject or the experiences of the participants.

The Portman Early Childhood Centre provides education, care and family support services for young children and their families living in the Church Street area of Westminster, North London. These include a nursery school, adult education classes, family support, employment services, parenting groups and workshops.


Curated by:

Alex Thorp, Curator, Education
Jemma Egan, Assistant Curator, Education


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