Serpentine North Gallery 21 Nov 2016 Free

Presented in collaboration with Fiorucci Art Trust and with the participation of The Magazine restaurant, the multi-disciplinary series The Magazine Sessions begins again in late autumn. In November, Christian Holstad and collaborators presented red, yellow, lime,
pink, lavender,
green, scarlet,
scarlet, green,

The path leads to a vivarium in which to enter the path. It is here where you find the expecting. An impregnated pause. The air is ripe with condensation.

red, yellow, lime, pink, lavender, scarlet, green, lavender.

Christian Holstad convened a multi-disciplinary group of collaborators for an evening articulated across dance, music, sound, costumes, objects and textures.


Scoli Acosta
Burke & Pryde
Ceramica Gatti
Marc Hundley
Erin Ellen Kelly
Gabriele Levi
Martin Maugeais
Alison O’Daniel
Tara Jane O’Neil
Micki Pellerano


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