The Maybe

Serpentine South Gallery 4–10 Sep 1995 Free

For seven days, Tilda Swinton performed The Maybe – an installation conceived by Swinton.

For seven days, eight hours a day, Tilda Swinton performed The Maybe – an enigmatic and evocative work exploring a series of unanswerable questions from within the confines of a glass case.

Glass display cases around the gallery contained objects relating to the passing of time – relics of famous fascination, traces of lives lived, objects of historical resonance and of prurient curiosity. Swinton, enclosed in her own glass cabinet – a living, breathing, silent being – invited questions of mortality and of time.​

Conceived and performed by Swinton and first performed at the Serpentine Gallery in London in an installation created with Cornelia Parker in September 1995, thereafter in the Museo Baracco in Rome in a collaboration with Pierre et Gilles in 1996 and, in 2013, at MoMA in New York.


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