Serpentine South Gallery 5 December 2004 — 16 January 2005 Free

For her first exhibition in a public gallery in the UK, Monika Sosnowska was commissioned to design an installation that dramatically altered the configuration of the Serpentine’s galleries.

Comprising a series of rooms and interconnecting passages, Sosnowska’s labyrinthine installation at the Serpentine featured geometric forms and shifts of scale. Her exhibition set out to challenge the viewer’s sense of orientation and perceptions of the gallery. A passageway into her installation led to a series of tunnels and irregularly shaped chambers, some with sloping ceilings and angled walls. Lights from the gallery shone into the installation, creating intriguing shadows and optical illusions. At certain points, it was possible to exit the structure into the galleries, although the entire installation was not visible from any one point. This exhibition continued the Serpentine’s long history of commissioning new work.



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