Serpentine South Gallery 11 Sep 2015 Free

Artist Jesse Darling presented a version of the tragic play Antigone as immersive environment, community theatre and symbolic ritual, reflecting on remembrance and empire.

Text: Jesse Darling, 2015
Sound Recording: Doug Haywood
Sound Design and Edit: Doug Haywood & Jesse Darling
Performers (Voice): Jesse Darling, Mia Currie, Siena Currie, Habibi Goring, Penny Goring, Shia LaBeouf, Taylor Le Melle
Performers (Live): Jesse Darling, Hannah Burfield, Habibi Goring, Shia LaBeouf, Danilo Moroni, Keir Patrick, Adrian Quinton, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, Candide Sauvaux, Nefeli Skarmea, Nicolas Vendange
Choreographic Advisor: Nefeli Skarmea

Darling’s practice is concerned with the human condition and how it is mediated through the structures, narratives and technologies that govern lived experience. Considering the social and physical body as a site where architectural, [bio]political and social structures manifest and become transformed, JD works in sculpture, installation, text and ‘dasein by design’ (the space where performance and unmediated experience meet). Recent exhibitions include: The Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure, Artspace, New Zealand; Absolute Bearing, LD50 Gallery, London; Spirit Level (with Takeshi Shiomitsu), AND/OR Gallery, London; Devotions, MOT Projects, London; They/Them, DREI, Cologne (all 2015); and Art After the Internet, MoMA, Warsaw (2014). Later this year, they will present a solo exhibition at Company Gallery, New York, and will also be published in the upcoming anthology Best British Poetry 2015. JD works as editor-at-large for The New Inquiry, publishes texts and essays when absolutely necessary, and is represented by Arcadia_Missa.


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