Serpentine Pavilion 22 Jul 2016 Free

This performance programme inspired by Dada, devised collectively by the artists, featured madcap and anarchic objects breaking into song and Finnegan’s Wake, slapstick, whim wham and whazzup fluid. A zebra was played like a harp: a Zarp. Clothes in a fashion show by the collective George de George Hair cuts Hair were debuted.

Brian Belott is an artist based in New York City. As Andrew Russeth writes, “Over the past two decades, Brian Belott has created series that are almost improbably diverse – effervescently coloured reverse-glass paintings, careful copies of children’s art, calculators adorned with rocks and shocking hits of coloured sand, books harbouring found photos. What unites them is a deep desire, and a rare ability, to thrill… Even when Belott is pushing visual delectation into realms that are gaudy and kitsch, you can sense a tender care underpinning his art… Belott also regularly stages out-of-left-field performances (often with collaborators), which can include Dada-quality nonsense vocals, madcap impressions, yodeling, or anything else that comes to mind. (There was that one time he lit his hair on fire.) He is relentless. Taking a step back and looking at his art as a whole, you get the sense of a pretty unusual thing: an artist building a whole alternate world from scratch, where calculators have become sumptuous ornamental objects, and children’s art is championed—a world, in other words, that is by turns joyous, psychedelic, and generous.”

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