Serpentine Pavilion Friday 15 September 2023, 8pm Price: £10, £7 conc. Donate today

As part of Park Nights 2023, Serpentine presented a new installation and performance by Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro.

In her multidisciplinary practice, Vitorino Brasileiro studies transmutation, the mystery between life and death, and ways of moving between these existential zones. Her work emerges from healing in existential and bodily senses, and the reclaiming of the body and the spaces in which it circulates. Her pieces bridge performance, installation and pictorial practices, and incorporate elements from the fields of healing, macumba (a group of African diasporic religions in South America) and other psychic-spiritual activities.

Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro is the author of the 2022 book Quando o sol aqui não mais brilhar: a falência da negritude (When the Sun No Longer Shines Here: The Collapse of Blackness), and she has participated in solo and group exhibitions across Brazil and internationally. Her most recent solo exhibition Remember When We Talked About Our Reunion took place at Mendes Woods DM, New York. Vitorino Brasileiro is one of the artists to participate in the 2023 Bienal de São Paulo.

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