Park Nights: Celine Condorelli and Simon Popper

Serpentine South Gallery 12 Sep 2008 Free

London-based artists Celine Condorelli and Simon Popper presented an evening of entertainment that drew on the French composer and pianist Erik Satie’s concept of ‘furnishing music’ for events, soirées and meetings.

In Satie’s words: ‘What is furnishing music? A pleasure! Furnishing music replaces waltzes and operas … Do not be mistaken, it is something else!!! No more false music but musical furniture! Furnishing music completes your belongings, it allows for everything; it is worth gold; it is new; it does not disturb habits; it is not tiring; it does not run out; it is not boring. To adopt it is to do better! Listen at ease!’

This event furnished the park with music for trees and large animals.


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