Paul Neagu: Nine Catalytic Stations

Serpentine South Gallery 4 Apr — 10 May 1987 Free

For this exhibition, celebrated British-Romanian artist Paul Neagu displayed nine major sculptural works along with related pieces from the previous seven years.

Neagu’s sculptures are abstract and figurative, humanist and radical, and were intended for public and social spaces. Nine of Neagu’s large, stainless steel sculptures – Hyphen (1987), Double Hyphen (1986), Open Monolith (1985), Fish (1986), Starhead (1980), Wake (1987), Fish Over Gate (Fog) (1987), A-Cross (1987), and Edge Runner (1983) – encircled the Serpentine Gallery lawn.

Presented inside the gallery were nine large drawings related to the sculptures and over 60 more small drawings, which constituted a continuous notebook of the artist’s sculptural projects.



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