Online 5 May 2021 6:00 pm Free Open Captions

Follow the artist through the software interfaces that shape their work

The Serpentine R&D platform and long-time collaborators Trust are excited to launch a new series of short videos: R&D Labyrinths. In each video, artists working with advanced technologies will guide us through the back-end of the software interfaces they use to make their work. They’ll reveal key technological and operational infrastructures. In this series, we will discover machine learning algorithms that allow for collaborative music composition, poetry machines and new spaces for consensus building.

Episode 1: Rindon Johnson on D’Artagnan, poetry bot

Follow Rindon Johnson as he takes us step-by-step through his writing process using a poetry machine called D’Artagnan.

Learn more about Rindon Johnson

Episode 2: Black Swan on Cygnet, consensus-building tool

Follow Black Swan as they take us step-by-step through Cygnet, a new tool for peer review and resource allocation that moves with the lunar cycle to disrupt archaic infrastructures in the Artworld.

Learn more about Cygnet

Episode 3: Ricardo Saavedra on Gradient, music composition interface

Follow Ricardo Saavedra as he takes us step-by-step through Gradient, an interface that allows composers to express their ideas by interacting with an algorithm that steers them toward novel outcomes.

Learn more about Gradient

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Follow the next stage of R&D Labyrinths’ journey with Hivemind – a knowledge game developed in collaboration with Trust.


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