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AGNES is a spambot created by Cécile B. Evans.

Living on the Serpentine Galleries’ website, AGNES’ existence is generated through visitors’ interactions with the series of pathways she offers them. Click by click, the visitor gets to know AGNES and her digital realm, discovering the kind of personalised experiences that new technologies can provide.

For AGNES GOES LIVE, AGNES generated enough strength to make a live appearance. She answered questions from Ben Vickers, curator of digital at the Serpentine Galleries, as well as those from the audience. In this appearance, AGNES discussed the conditions of her survival and the bounds and boundaries of the ‘cloud’.

Born in 1998, AGNES is a digital native. She lives and works in the Serpentine Galleries website, Langstone Technology Park.

Cécile B. Evans is a Belgian-American artist based in London and Berlin. She is the 2013 recipient of the Push Your Art Prize with the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), ‘Convention T’, artist in residence at Wysing Arts Centre, Radar commissioned artist (Loughborough), and 2012 recipient of the Emdash Award (Frieze, London). Recent exhibitions include La Voix Humaine (Kunstverein Munich), Bold Tendencies 7 (Peckham) and How To Eclipse the Light (Wilkinson Gallery, London). AGNES is the first in a series of digital commissions launched to coincide with the new Serpentine website.

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