Serpentine Cinema: Felix Melia, premiere of Shoulder Blades and screening of Lamassu Flats

Hackney Picturehouse 24 Mar 2016 Free

For the second of the Serpentine Cinemas 2016 series, Felix Melia presented the premiere of his film Shoulder Blades as well as his 2014 film Lamassu Flats.

Lamassu Flats (2014) ties together explorations into the presentation of the self and the ways we move through and around space. The film delves into some of the inherited and engendered narratives imposed upon spaces and the impact of those representational spaces on the body.

Shoulder Blades (2016) examines the conditions of desire and autonomy, cohesion and coherence inside contemporary relationships. It negotiates the process of developing intimacy whilst maintaining agency and explores the pliable significances of the body within a prescriptive and aggressively binary cultural milieu. Shoulder Blades was commissioned by the Serpentine Galleries for the Serpentine Cinema series.

London-based artist Felix Melia‘s recent works include Waifs and Wraiths (Along The Westway), a live screening/performance presented at the Serpentine’s 89plus Marathon, 2013; Place of Dead Roads with Josh Bitelli (screened at the Cinema Palace, Marrakech, 2014) as well as the installation All in a Clearing (LimaZulu, London, 2015). Lamassu Flats was first presented as part of the Biennale of Moving Images, Geneva, in 2014. Melia is currently Writer in Residence at Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Serpentine Cinema is a series of screenings and live events by artists and film-makers in a cinema context. Other previous commissions for Serpentine Cinemas have included Sophie Cundale’s 2016 After Picasso, God, premiered in February 2016 at Peckhamplex cinema, London.


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