Serpentine Cinema: Nothing, curated by Marina Abramović

Gate Picturehouse 10 Aug 2014 Free

Nothing was the third in a series of three screenings and conversations curated by Marina Abramović on the occasion of her exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery.

This series brought together works by the artist, documentary footage, films selected by Abramović, as well as talks and conversations about themes connected to her practice.

This programme included a screening of the 1973 avant-garde cult film The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky as well as Golden Mask (2009) by Marina Abramović.

Jodorowsky’s absurd and highly acclaimed The Holy Mountain depicts the journey of a Christ-like figure (played by the film-maker) and nine followers on a surreal and spiritual quest for enlightenment. After assembling together in a group, they embark on a trip to a symbolic mountain that is said to unite heaven and earth. Through its sacrilegious imagery and existential symbolism, The Holy Mountain explores themes of the mundane, capitalist production, death, rebirth and nothingness.

In Golden Mask, Abramović’s face is covered with gold leaf cuttings. Dressed in black and filmed against a black background, she is framed so that only her head and shoulders are visible. A gentle spotlight shines on Abramović’s golden face as she gazes unflinchingly into the lens of the camera; the only movement coming from the play of light on the gold leaf. The pose, colour and light of the piece transform the still performer into a painterly, classical figure.


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