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Meet Serpentine Studios, our new youth collective.

serpentine studios youth collective gather with james barnor in his exhibition

In the summer of 2021 , the Serpentine worked with POCC Creative Agency and specialist youth engagement agency BREAK COMMS to create Serpentine Studios, a group of young artists, writers, photographers and technologists. The cohort came together to amplify young creative voices and reimagine Serpentine as a hub for passionate audiences to engage with art.

Under the mentorship of Serpentine, POCC and Break Comms, Serpentine Studios met with exhibiting artists and the wider Serpentine team to create original content responding to Serpentine’s programmes. The collective launched Serpentine’s first TikTok account and organised a special event for young people in the 2021 Serpentine Pavilion designed by Counterspace.

2021 Serpentine Studios participants are Jerome Andre, Asa Andrew, Kanesha Edwards, Eddie Zhang, Sivney Reynoso, Sophia Wee Blázquez, Bethany Peters, Sanchit Bembi, Bilel Azzez, Angel Ayomanor, Sudi Jama, Jai Toor, Mide Johnson, Hayleth Dawkins, Lucie Shackley, Alessandra Centorbi, Jennifer Metcalf, Victoria Moyosola, and Jadore Nicholas

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Past Events

Serpentine Studios x Coal Drops Yard

Kiosk N1C hosts Serpentine Studios’ first public, two-part exhibition at Lower Stable Street in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London.

Serpentine Studios x Coal Drops Yard Part 1 is a collection of original artworks inspired by James Barnor’s timeless archive, running from 29 November to 17 January 2022.

Serpentine Studios x Coal Drops Yard Part 2 will offer a new collection of original artistic responses to the exhibition Hervé Télémaque: A Hopscotch of the Mind and will run from 17 January until the end of February 2022.

Meet The Team

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Alessandra Centorbi

Alessandra is a digital and ceramics artist who explores the heritage of Pre-Columbian artwork in the Andes range in South America. By using 3D modelling techniques and illustration she portrays and rethinks this ancient culture and its place in the modern day. She is now specialising in Collections Management for museums and galleries.

Instagram: @alessandra.stl


Photo credit: Victoria Moyosola @vicmoy_

Sanchit Bembi


Sanchit is a design and technology enthusiast who describes himself as a jack of all trades, master of one. His love for computer science, technology, design and illustration, and passion for social innovation and service design can only be described as organised chaos. He loves Eldritch/cosmic horror, photography, graphic design or Murakami.

Instagram:- @hellothisisbambi

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Jennifer Metcalf

Jennifer is a London born multimedia artist who expresses a dreamy worldview and imagines possibilities for the future through experiments involving video, photography, poetry, installation, millinery + product design.

Instagram: @jujumalaha

Photo credit: Victoria Moyosola @vicmoy_

Jerome Andre

A 23-year-old MA student in Design for Art Direction at University of the Arts, London. Jae is a multidisciplinary creative specializing in communication and semiotics. As an aspiring art director, his skillset spans photography, set design, videography and graphic design. He is passionate about the multi-faceted aspect of identities and ethereal aesthetics.

Instagram: @Jantibang

Photo credit: Victoria Moyosola @vicmoy_

Kanesha Edwards

Kanesha, is a 22 year old poet, writer, model and digital marketer from East London. Having written poetry since 10 years old, Kanesha stopped at the age of 16 after the loss of her grandparents. During the lockdowns in 2020, Kanesha felt inspired to write again producing two poems called ‘Releasing the Real Me’ and ‘A Blossoming Mind’ which explain her desire for her words to be heard instead of hidden. “Now that I’ve started to allow people to hear my poetry, I want to perform more; maybe even publish a book. I just want to show other introverted girls, like me, that stepping outside of your comfort zone is worth it.”

Instagram: @kanesha.montana

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Asa Andrew

Asa is an all-around plant-lover exploring his curatorial practice and working on multimedia projects.

Instagram: @_asaandrew

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Sophia Wee Blázquez

Sophia studied at the Ruskin School of Art (BFA) and currently works across art, design and technology.

Her work navigates membership, relationality and modern alienation, seeking to open up new possibilities for collaborative cultural exchange.

Instagram: @sophiaweeblazquez @openended_design

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Eddie Zhang

Eddie is a 19-year-old photographer and artist studying at the University of the Arts London.

Instagram: @zhang_arts

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Sivney Reynoso

Sivney is currently studying Fine Art at UAL: Central Saint Martins. He has named his creative practice the ‘1 4 All’ Art Style as he is very inspired by the power of art and how it changes and impacts people’s lives like a constant flux. He is interested in the idea of resilience and how we keep going to survive in a life full of feelings.

Instagram: @munchen_rey
Tik Tok: @sivneyreynoso

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Bethany Peters

Bethany is a 2021 Photography Graduate from UWE Bristol interested in Editorial Photography. She is currently a photographer and content writer for Ping Culture and wants to make photography, art and the spaces where we practice these activities more accessible to the wider community.

Instagram: @bethanypetersphoto

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Sudi Jama

Currently studying BA Comparative Literature at King’s College London, Sudi is a creative across different mediums and is excited to be working in a digital space alongside writing poetry at the moment. She also loves making and curating playlists.

She aspires to work in a space where she can write pieces on the arts, specifically writing on music and fashion. She has a particular interest in music journalism.

Instagram: @miishiiee_

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Mide Johnson

Mide works as a Legal Advocacy Intern at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights/Advancing to the Nigerian Law School and is the founder/creative director for safe space twenties, a community dedicated to amplifying the realities of 20-somethings. He hopes to successfully create great art that vividly reflects the plight of the marginalised.

Instagram: @midethemantra

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Hayleth Dawkins

Hayleth lives and works in London, UK. Currently in her third year of Bachelor studies in Visual Communication. Her practices involve illustration, photography, painting and graphic design. Each to create immersive and impactful experiences through pushing the boundaries of visual mediums. The influences in her works derive from practitioners such as Christoph Niemann, Sual Bass and Rejane Dal Bello, as well as Suprematism; contemporary pop culture aesthetics in animation or street art, demonstrating Dawkins’s blended approach.

Instagram: @haylethdawkins

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Lucie Shackley

Lucie is an artist who was born and raised in Birmingham. She studied architectural engineering at the University of Leeds and worked as an engineer for two years before deciding to follow her passions. As a self-taught artist she has experience in multimedia but is primarily focusing on works in oil paint. Her artwork conceptually considers personal identity and escapism whilst practically emphasises texture and experiments with colour and contrast.

Instagram: @lucieshackleyart

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Jadore Nicholas

16 year-old Jadorekid (JK) is a multi-disciplinary artist widely recognised for being a cartoonist, graffiti artist and digital designer. JK’s work uses facial expressions to place emphasis on emotions and feelings, and has resulted in the development of his own characters – The Jadoodles. He has held residency in the Victoria Library and the SAATCHI Gallery.

Instagram: @jk_cartoon_studios

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Victoria Moyosola

A multidisciplinary artist, Vic specialises in art direction, photography and motion design. Her aim is to create accessible work that helps to heal and spark conversation around meaningful narratives. The idea that art can help communities open up about untold stories is her drive. She aims to create conversations of change for the generations to come.

Instagram: @vicmoy_ @vicmoyosola

Jai Toor

Jai is a South Indian photographer from West London. He currently runs a platform called Fourth Floor and is studying Photojournalism.

Instagram: @jaistoor


Bilel Azzez

Bilel is a Tunisian that grew up in Italy and moved to London. He is a graduate of International Relations from the University of Turin, partner in a London based printing shop and works as an administrator for an International Non-Profit. He is interested in photography, videography, and graphic design.

Instagram: @billgameshh

Photo credit: Bethany Peters @bethanypetersphoto

Angel Ayomanor

Angel is a presenter/host, ‘Youtuber’ and creative who aspires to take her skills and experience to larger commercial projects. She is currently studying a Level 3 in Business whilst creating content for her social media channels.

Instagram: @missmanorx
YouTube Channel: Angels Corner


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