Summer Show 6 [1972]

Serpentine South Gallery 26 Aug — 17 Sep 1972 Free

This was the sixth and final show at the Serpentine Gallery in the summer of 1972.

Stephen Collingbourne presented four recent works, Three Sheets Bent, Five Plates Hanging, Nine Strips Waving, and One Pole Springing on the Serpentine Gallery lawn for this show. He wrote of his sculptures that they were, “mainly steel, linear in conception, exploring the possibilities of the material. I regard them as drawings in space…”.

Inside the gallery, Sylvester Jacobs displayed his photographs in the Print Gallery. These works were grouped within the themes of Weddings, Landscapes, Portraits, Women, and Children.

Other works included Roger Palmer’s Tarmac Strip and Sue Gollifer’s Untitled F12.


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