Summer Show 1 [1976]

Serpentine South Gallery 5–27 Jun 1976 Free

Over 10 artists were chosen by Eduardo Paolozzi for the first 1976 summer show from an open submission.

Paolozzi selected the artists for the first 1976 summer show from an open submission, which had resulted in 400 applications. Paolozzi considered his chosen 10 artists to cover a broad spectrum of creative possibilities, mirroring some of the complexities and issues of being an artist at the time.

Works in the show included Pete Ling’s Mekano: a life of and Paul White’s Polarisagrid II. About his series of collages, Ling wrote: “[They] are concerned with incidents related in a novel also titled Mekano: a life of, begun at the same time.” White’s works, produced in 1976, were the result of a “preoccupation with geometry and the phenomenon of polarised light.”


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