Synthetic Ecologies Lab

Online Oct 2020 – Ongoing


A research programme for artists working at the intersection of art, life sciences and ecology, from microorganisms to synthetic biology. Designer and researcher Yasaman Sheri leads the project.

Research questions

We’re currently investigating:

  • instruments, tools and platforms supporting artistic practice in life sciences
  • emerging areas of inquiry in contemporary biotechnology
  • ecological art and microbial aesthetics
  • poetics of sensing and perception beyond human scales
  • aesthetics of new nature
  • translation models for critical and cultural narratives in scientific spaces
  • reframing science and biological technologies in cultural and popular discourse

Research activities

The Lab brings artistic and scientific communities together to encourage experimental exchange. Through projects like Compendium, we support art-science collaborations and explore tools and models for the artistic community to engage with sciences and lifeforms.


We run an archive of resources, conversations and content called Compendium. The archive supports artistic inquiry into ecology and life sciences. In the first season, we looked at fermentation in the kitchen and beyond. Learn more in our archive of journals, papers, diagrams, artwork, articles, aural songs, memes, and paintings.


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