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How do artistic experiments with artificial intelligence impact human-centered notions of creative agency, authorship and ownership?

In his new book, Martin Zeilinger offers a wide-ranging discussion of contemporary digital art practices, and the philosophical and technical considerations of AI. Zeilinger explores posthumanist thought as it relates to emerging issues of intellectual property and the commons. The book invites readers to consider new types of creative practice, rethink the role of the author or singular artist, as well as their originality and unique creative expression.

Join the conversation live via Serpentine’s Twitch (@serpentineuk) with Martin Zeilinger, author of Tactical Entanglements (Meson Press, 2021) and Creative AI Lab investigators Mercedes Bunz (King’s College London), Eva Jäger (Serpentine) and Daniel Chávez Heras (King’s College London).

Martin Zeilinger is researcher and curator currently based in Dundee, Scotland, where he is Senior Lecturer in Computational Arts and Technology at Abertay University. His work focuses on artistic and activist experimentation with emerging technologies (primarily blockchain and AI), intellectual property issues in contemporary art and aspects of experimental videogame culture.

Mercedes Bunz is the Creative AI Lab’s Principal Investigator and Reader in Digital Society at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London. Her research explores how digital technology transforms knowledge and power.

Daniel Chávez Heras is a member of the Creative AI Lab and Lecturer in Humanistic and Social Computing Education at King’s College London. His main strand of research focuses on the computational production and analysis of audiovisual culture, an area he approaches through a critical-technical blend of film theory, interdisciplinary design, and creative AI.

Eva Jäger is Associate Curator of Arts Technology at Serpentine and Creative AI Lab Co-investigator.


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