Serpentine Pavilion 16 July 2022, 12-1:15pm, 2-3:15pm Free Donate today

Keiko Uchida, a qualified Japanese tea ceremony master, has practised for 25 years. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Uchida comes from a lineage of Kimono specialists and traditional tearoom artisans.

Uchida invites you to listen as she tells the history and philosophy of Japanese tea culture that initially developed as a Zen ritual in the 15th century. Enjoy and engage your full senses as she performs the traditional meditative ritual while offering you a cup of matcha tea.

Keiko Uchida was born in Tokyo, Japan, and has lived in London since 2002. She has been practicing the Japanese tea ceremony for over 25 years. Her mother is a Kimono specialist and her late father developed traditional tea rooms for his clients. She started practicing the tea ceremony as a way of understanding traditional Japanese culture. Since then, studying and practicing the tea ceremony has become a major part of her life’s work, and her mission is to introduce the art of tea to global audiences.


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