The Perfect School? Classroom Game

Part of Moving Up
1 May 2015


The Perfect School? is a resource and classroom game which invites children and teachers to explore the transition from primary to secondary school and rethink how schools can be.

The Perfect School? developed following the Serpentine Galleries 2015 Moving Up commission with artist Paul Maheke. Through collaborative dance, drawing and conversation children at Gateway Academy in North Westminster reflected on their experiences of primary school and explored their expectations about moving up to secondary school. Using spaces around the school the children choreographed and performed short dance pieces to articulate their feelings about transition from primary to secondary school. In small groups they mapped out their visions for a perfect school. Their proposals ranged from smaller class sizes, access to school outside of school hours and more art and music in the curriculum.

This resource is developed to support teaching staff working with Year 5 and Year 6 students preparing for transition. The resource contains a poster, a set of cards and a booklet, and is designed to prompt discussion, drawing and imagination.

The Perfect School? is part of Moving Up – a series of commissions bringing together artists, teachers and children to reflect on the transition from primary to secondary school. The projects create temporary spaces where children can develop the tools to support one another and think about how schools could be better.


Edited by:

Alex Thorp, Curator, Education

Ben Messih, Assistant Curator, Education

Jemma Egan, Assistant Curator, Education

Joanna Slusarczyk, Assistant Curator, Education

Effie Coe


Design by:



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